Efficient migration to new cost effective datacentre

H3O Digital played a pivotal role in guiding a key customer through the migration from a legacy datacentre to a modernised facility.

Recognising the necessity for an upgrade owing to outdated infrastructure and concerns about scalability, H3O Digital meticulously analysed the client’s needs to devise a bespoke migration strategy.

The phased approach, carried out in collaboration with the client’s internal IT team, ensured minimal disruption, optimised resource utilisation, and successfully delivered a state-of-the-art datacentre environment aligned with both current technological standards and future scalability requirements.

This endeavour underscored H3O Digital’s dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions that align with clients’ broader business objectives.

The H3O Digital Service


Complicated migration plans for a array of infrastructure working with the customer and wider delivery team


Technical oversight and governance for the entire move of all workloads ensuring no end user impact during transition


Migration delivery and support when it mattered even if outside of business hours

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